About Us

About Us

This store was designed specifically to display Ghazala shoes (Original Leather Shoes), and it is managed by the General Company for Leather Industries L.L.C.

Brand Gazala is an imprint par excellence of experience, quality, and luxury, and it is an Omani-made brand for more than 30 years.


The General Company for Leather Industries LLC was established in 1989 and is a company specializing in the manufacture of men's slippers by selecting the best Italian leather with leather floors or high-quality PU and cork floors.


There are currently five production lines at present with different registered trademarks such as (Gazala - Tiger - Dana - Glemco - Birkin Ortho) and each brand is distinguished by designs and flooring different from the others.

The products of the General Company for Leather Industries L.L.C.

are characterized by elegance, beauty and quality in modern models that keep pace with the latest international fashion trends. The company's products are also distinguished by the comfort they provide to the legs, as well as their durability and quality that rival the finest international industries. The secret behind this success lies in the high-tech equipment used in manufacturing, as well as the selection of high-quality leather, flooring and raw materials, in addition to trained skilled workers and experts in design and production processes. The company works according to the strategy of utilizing modern technology in the field of manufacturing, which has given it the ability to manufacture high-quality products that have the ability to compete in the local market and export to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and other countries of the world. The company can also design and produce any models according to the requests of its customers in different countries to be in line with the desire of the local market of each country.